Highstreet must haves

I love the high street, you just can’t beat it. Don’t get me wrong, a pair of LV heels or classic Channel handbag would be lovely! But I’ve never felt able to part with hundreds of pounds on one item when we are so lucky to have affordable high street shops.

Apart from my Dior sunglasses which were a gift, I can honestly say I’ve never owned a designer brand in my life. Maybe I will one day when I can afford to part with that kind of money, but even then I’d rather spend that £700 on a holiday or towards my home.

Luxury is an investment, so picking key pieces like a handbag, belt, shoes or coat will last a lifetime and extenuate your outfit.

That said, I think you really should know about my favourite high street buys which will totally make an outfit pop!

Skirt: Missy Empire
Dress: Oasis, Shoes: Office
Dress: Elle Belle Attire
Pink heels: Office

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