My oldest frient got Married!

I met Sinthu (Sinthuja) in primary School when we were 4 years old. She is originally from Sri Lanka so our up-bringings were different but I loved learning all about her culture and where she was from. I remember she would tell me how she may one day have an arranged marriage; and at age 6 I found it hard to understand that she would allow her parents to choose the man she would one day marry. She said she would love to meet the man of her dreams and not need the help of her parents. Wishes do come true!

Her family have always been so friendly to me and I would stay over at their amazing home and have delicious Indian food & watch Bollywood films with her and our other Indian friend Priyanka. We became inseperable from day one. Forever getting into trouble at school for talking too much!

Then one day, Sinthu told me she was moving home and out of London, my heart broke. We were sepperated before starting at High School together, it was scary! I remember feeling totally lost without her. We managed to keep in touch during our teens and early adult life. She became a doctor which was always her dream. I worked in Fashion, then became a PA and got into Advertising and then TV. We grew up in different worlds, as kids, as teenagers, now as adults – But we still have a bond you can’t break. That’s true friendship.

So when Sinthu got engaged to Mitesh, the man of her dreams who she met herself and fell totally in love with, I was over the moon for her! Her family approved and her friends loved him, all was good! I was totally honoured to be a bridesmaid for their lavish 2 day London wedding.

I can’t explain how amazing the wedding was, just totally out of this world gorgeous! I cried so much to see her marry her best friend, the outfits were stunning, the food was incredible, the atmosphere and venue was euphoric.

This is one very happy best friend!


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