My must have makeup and Beauty products

I flew to Edinburgh last week with only hand luggage to last me 4 days. I’m a super organised person anyway but flying with hand luggage means all the more reason to plan my outfits. I also used the japanese method of packing which seriously helped me cram all my clothes in! But there’s only so many liquids you can cram into that tiny plastic wallet! 

That being said it made me think about the amount of makeup I have and how much of it I actually wear on a daily basis! It’s crazy. I have a huge bag of various makeup but I always stick with the same good old gems. Who’s with me on this?

So I thought I’d write a blog post about my fave products which I can’t do without! 

1) MOISTURISING CREAM. I’m a massive Decleor fan, I use loads of their skin products because they all feel so light on my face and smell amazing. This Hydra Floral light cream is perfect travel size and lasts ages. A small amount goes a long way. The best thing about it, is it sinks into the skin really quickly so you don’t have to wait ages before you can put your foundation on.

2) FOUNDATION. I’ve tried many foundations over the years and  found it hard to get a long-lasting one that truly matches my skin tone and doesn’t feel thick and heavy. The double wear liquid foundation from Estee Lauder is by far my favourite. I went to the counter and got the beautician to match my colour. I use ‘Tawny’. Again, this bottle lasts a long time as I don’t find I need a huge amount for a full coverage. I use a beauty sponge to apply and blend. The coverage is amazing and lasts the whole day! Couldn’t live without this god send! 

3) BRONZER. I use fake tan pretty much all the time (not in the orange kind of way!) so I always like to have a dark’ish bronzer to sweep under my cheek bones and give a bit more colour to my face. This Nars bronzer in ‘Casino’ is my fave, it’s not orange based so umpa-lumpa isn’t a thing for me. I also love that this has a mirror and is such a great size to take away with you.

4) HIGHLIGHTER. How did I ever live without this bar of gold? It’s small, it’s golden and it shimmers! This small but pretty pricey highlighter is well worth the money, just google it and see the results for yourself! I use this across my cheekbones, on my brow bone, down the middle of my nose and above my cupids bow. If you add a wet small brush to this it can also be used as an eye shadow! a 2 in 1 purchase! Glam.

5) MASCARA. I tend to have individual fake lashes put in by a professional which last around 3-4 weeks but when I have a break from them I’ve always used this Maybelline Mascara as my go too. Even with smaller, thinner lashes which are growing back, this mascara makes them look so much longer and thicker. My lashes are pretty fair so a dark black mascara is a must! I also use this on my bottom lashes and it does wonders. Very good for a highstreet brand.

6) LIP BALM. Dr. Paw Paw is so good, with a slight pink tint to it and multipurpose use its great when traveling around. I carry thiseverywhere  I go to keep my lips highdrated. 

7) NAILVARNISH. This Nailsinc colour screams Summer to me! Called ‘Covent Garden Place’, its a fun pink and lasts longer than most highstreet nail varnishes I’ve used. Also enriched with conditioner and plant extract to look after your nails. Win win!

8) EXFOLIATOR & MICELLAR OIL. These Decleor products are so lush. I use the exfoliator once a week which you use pre-shower then wash off and your skin is silky smooth and smells sensational! The Micellar oil I use every night to take off all my makeup. You warm the oil into your hands and massage over your face then use a wet cotton pad to remove all the makeup and dirt from the day. If you love a good spa treatment these two products are for you and don’t cost a fortune! 

9) LIPSTICK. I can’t get enough of Charlotte Tilbury and the minute. I love this lipstick in colour ‘pilow talk’ just so natural and feminine. 

10) EYEBROWS. My eyebrows are pretty fair and sparse. I used to fill them in with pencil everyday which was so tome consuming. Now with Wunderbrow I can fill them in and they stay for 3 whole days! I couldn’t live without this stuff, saves time in the mornings and looks super natural. 

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