Mini Break in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has become one of my favourite cities to visit. My partner Neil is from Edinburgh so it’s nice to have my own personal tour guide when we go up there.

The first time I went to Edinburgh was for Hogmanay last year, we spent a week there to celebrate New Years and it was such a great place to be. I was expecting it to be freezing but we were pretty lucky with the weather. We had blue skies and sunshine most of the time and I totally fell in love with the City.

This little trip was a bit shorter, only 4 days during the Summer to introduce our parents to one another! My parents had only been once before in the Autumn so it was nice for us to all be there in the summer months.

I took my parents for tea at ‘Tigerlily’ on Goerge Street which is my fave street!




Neil and I had date night on our first evening, he took me to this great bar called ‘The last word’ in Stockbridge which is the area he grew up in. The Mixologist was so friendly (like everyone in Edinburgh) and really great at making any cocktail we wanted. The menu was huge, so much choice!



On our last day together with my parents, we went for a nice walk around the parks and up to the Botanic Gardens. It was great to have Neil to show us around. I love how Edinburgh always has such wonderful views and you can see for miles.







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