Pergola on the Roof

This weekend me and my best friends went out to Pergola in Paddington to give our girl Charlotte the best leaving party! She’s off to Bristol for 6 months with work.

If any of you go to Pergola, head to their website and enter your details to get yourself a free alcoholic drink!

My jeans are from River Island. I love the cropped, frayed edge on them. These are my fave jeans, I’ve warn them so much that my chunky thighs created holes (#loveforthecurves) and I had to get them patched up.

My sandals are from Office last year, they are so comfy and I love that peopel think they’re designer. I got them in the sale for £30 and they go with everything!! Such a good perchase.

These shirt tops are SO in at the moment, mine is from Zara and I love it because it holds in at my waist and has the slight ‘off the shoulder’ look which I think is pretty sexy.

My super old leather jacket is from Miss Selfridge, I’ve had it about 5 years now and it’s starting to get a bit tatty but I’ll be wearing it until it literally has holes in it. I LOVE it!


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