We are up for sale!

Some exciting news! Neil and I are buying a place together. I can’t wait!

When we first met I had just bought my 1 bed flat in West London on the shared ownership scheme, it’s been such a great way for me to get on the ladder even though it meant I had to pay half rent and half mortgage. Luckily Ive made back all the rent money as my flat has gone up so much from when I first bought it.

Now we are in a possition to buy a bigger place, unfortunately stairs are still that little bit too expensive for us but give us 4 or 5 years and that will be the next step! For now we just want more space with another bedroom for when family and friends want to stay and which will hopefully become a nursery in the next 3-4 years time.

When I first moved into my current place it was really bland and not at all my style. The walls were all magnolia and the toilet seat was bright red! Pinterest was my life savour, I got so many ideas of how to utilise the space as it’s not the biggest of flats. I really wanted a big corner sofa but the room wasnt big enough and I didn’t want it to look too cramped.


The first thing I did was pain the walls white and then had one feature wall painted a dark grey.

I bought all my mirrors from Dunelm and my sofa was from DFS. The cushions I got a bit later which are from TK Maxx and H&M Home. My mirrored table which is also a wine rack was of gumtree 2nd hand and it was wooden so I painted it white.

My curtains were £50 from Ikea which I definately think make the room look more glam.

I bought Neil the artwork from Not On the Highstreet as a moving in present. They are 50 shades of Scotland as he is from Edinburgh.

14783-thumbnail_ca2fa96b-e991-42b9-8e64-752989075f82rhnhh2b-2b118b2bparagon252c2btw82b-2bkitchen2b2The dining room/kitchen area is pretty small. Luckily the previous owners left the metal shelves up which are from Ikea and super useful. I also bought a washing machine which is used as an extra surface top when cooking. It doesn’t look all that great but I much prefered having my own washing machine than using the communal laundrette!

My dining table and chairs were also Ikea. The chairs were £50 each but I wanted a supportive back and these were steady and affordable.


I decided to keep the large wall plain white as its such a narrow room already, I thought it would look over crowded if I put anything on it. I used the smaller wall opposite to put up picture frames which are all from M&S home. I  chose a turquoise one, 2 grey, one black and one white.


Our bedroom I painted in ‘polished pebble’ by Delux. I absolutely LOVE this colour, its such a soft/light grey, slightly blue. The stand up mirror is from Dunelm. My Curtains are black out curtains from a place online, they really stop the sun from streeming in every day.

My bed is from Homebase, I got it half price as it was the last one and was used on display. I love it so much however Neil’s too tall for it so the next bed we get will have to have no bottom to it!

Our bedside table and chest of drawers are from Ikea and my glas lamp is from TK Maxx.

I have somebeautiful art work of mermaids in gorgeous mettalic frames which are on the wall to the left, these were given to me by my Godfather because I have a huge love for mermaids.

The gold baskets are so handy for toiletries, Neil and I have one each to put our bits in. They were such a good price from Dunelm.


The first thing I did to the bathroom was get rid of the red toilet seat! I went for white and grey with silver decore. My towels are all white and different shades of grey, along with a lovely grey bobbly bath mat – all from Primark. The soap dispenser is from H&M Home.

I didn’t want to spend loads of changing the sink and units so instead I bought some lovely silver glass doorknobs and got a pretty diffuser to place bellow the mirror. Luckily there is loads of storage space in the bathroom for the hoover, towels, bedsheets etc..


The building may not be the prettiest you’ve ever seen but with a roof top over looking parts of London, you can’t complain! It’s great all year round. Summer we have drinks with friends and over winter months you can watch the fireworks! I love our flat but it’s time to move on and get more space!

If you are interested in shared ownership and want to get on the ladder, our flat is now up for sale and you can book in viewings via this link


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