Our new home

I realise I’ve not posted in a long time! I’ve been so focussed on our flat sale and moving into our new home which was stressful to say the least but so rewarding.

I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs but move in day was horrific and I having to drive the removal van (yes van!) was scary enough. It was also an emotional day saying goodbye to my first home and knowing our new home which is both mine and Neil’s, would see some big moments in our lives together. This will be the home where we become a family one day! Its exciting.

When we moved in the flat was painted a yellowy/ magnolia colour which I wanted gone! I booked in for a painter to come the next day to have it all painted over in lovely Farrow and Ball colours.

* Painting tip * Go to Laylands and tell them the F&B colour you want then they will match it and mix it to their paint for a 3rd of the price. The colour match is so good!!

The big jobs have been done but now we need to put up mirrors and photos on the wall. This is normally something we can do but as our walls are such thick brick we need a professional with a super strong drill to get any holes in the wall. Its a bit of a pain but at least we know our home is sturdy!

My favourite room in the flat is our master bedroom. Its super cosy with our huge new bed and gorgeous chandelier. That was a splurge for me and a little bit of glamour I wanted.

The living room/ kitchen is the room that has taken the longest as we’ve had to wait weeks for our TV unit & decide on a bookcase. We ordered them both from Swoon and are really happy with our brass bookcase but decided to send back the TV unit so are now waiting for a new one from Next. Neil has told me off for buying too many cushions for the sofa but I love these huge silver ones from The White Company.

On Monday we get our bathroom completely re-done!! It’s something we knew would need doing and so put some money aside for it. I cannot wait to have it all beautifully finished so we are able to have guests stay.

We are so lucky to have our gorgeous new home together. If you love home interior as much as me, please follow my insta account @myhomemyhappiness


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