My 5 Favourite Winter products to help warn off colds, eczema and more!

So many people around me are full of colds and shattered from the end of year, long days and cold nights.

Every year I get my free flu jab as I’m an asthmatic and really suffer in the winter. Last month I caught a virus which knocked me for 10. I had to take time off work and stay in bed over 2 weekends and most of the week.  The virus then spread to my chest I ended up having to visit A&E after a mini asthma attack.

Because it wasn’t an infection it unfortunately meant there was nothing I could do apart from rest up and get my immune system back up and fighting.

A hot bath with epsom salts is a great way to unwind and help your body recover

My immune system has never been very good and it definitely links to the mood I am in (more on this in another post). So when my GP told me to ‘build it up’ I had no idea where to start. Luckily this incredible lady at work told me about this bottle you can buy in your local supermarket, Boots or Superdrug which isn’t behind the counter and only £4.49! She heard about it through a medic who worked on ‘Dancing on ice’ with her. (FYI – I work in TV). She told me this bottle called Metetone Tonic was FULL of vitamins and everything your body needs to fight back any bugs. The cast on the show was taking it to warn off any illness while they were in cold temperatures throughout the day.

So this is my first and number 1 product this Winter. After 24hours of taking this syrup I felt 40% better, and within 48 hours I was basically cured. No more coughing attacks that kept me up all night and no more feeling horrendous in the mornings and evenings. I felt human again and my god it felt good!

I always have honey and lemon with hot water when I get a sore throat. This is so much better than any cough medicine. Just take it with some paracetemol.

As Metetone Tonic isn’t advertised not many people know about it! It’s also not a medicine so you can keep taking it throughout the winter months to keep your immune system topped up. I’ve been taking 2 teaspoons daily.

My 2nd product is very well known so won’t need so much info but it still has to be Echinacea. My dad bought me a bottle of 30 tablets so I am taking 1 a day for a month. It’s well known as a herbal remedy to build immunity and keep any bugs at bay. It’s also known for healing wounds and skin problems, and encouraging healthy cell growth. I’m all for that!

Lavender on your pillow at night will help with sleep and eucalyptus will help clear your airways.

Since September, I’ve been battling with Eczema on my hands and inner-elbows.  I think this is stress related and also the cold weather and heating has probably not helped. Either way, it was so bad! some days it would be red raw and other days it would be fine, just a bit itchy. At nights I’d wake myself up from scratching and after a trip to the GP I was given a steroid cream. The eczema went after 2 weeks of using this but 2 weeks later it just came back. I tried various creams from the chemist which helped the itching but never got rid of it fully. That was until I heard about Hemp creams.

The Body shop have a hemp hand cream which had amazing reviews from eczema sufferers. This is my 3rd product – I bought the hand cream and within a week my hands total cleared up. One hand hasn’t got any eczema and the other one only has a small patch left. I’ve been using it now for about a month and love how oily it is. The packaging is also really nice and fits easily in a small handbag.

My 4th product is linked closely with this – The Body Shop Hemp body butter! I use this for my inner- elbows . This is a much thicker, heavy-duty cream which is in a big tub so is great for all over body moisturiser. It’s such a nice cream I often have Neil borrowing it!

My 5th and final product for this Winter would be the Aromatherapy Associates essential bath & shower oils. I’ve always been a huge fan of essential oils and find them really relaxing. This little box of 3 oils has the ‘deep relax’, ‘de-stress mind’ and ‘revive morning’ bottles which is perfect! After a long day at work, when its cold and dark outside, running yourself a hot bubble bath using these is amazing. You rub a few drops on your neck and chest then soak in the bath and breath in the oils. They all smell amazing and really help to relax and unwind.

Self care is so important, for both our mind and body. I’ve really noticed this more recently and intend to take more care of myself.

Lets hope for a more healthy, happy month ahead!



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